What your favorite LWE cookie says about you!


Finley Bell, Staff Reporter

The LWE lunch service provides a number of students with different options for meals, but what food has remained on the top of every student‘s choices? The cookies of course! There is no disputing the favoritism shown towards the oversized baked goods. The cookies are made large and with an option of three different choices: chocolate chip, m&m, and red velvet. These three delicious things bring into question what your personal favorite says about you!


The chocolate chip cookie is quite the classic. Chocolate chip is the most well known cookie which often leads it to be called basic. However, this label of basic is far from the truth. The chocolate chip category is the most broad of the groups. Many different LWE students share the love of this equally sweet and chocolatey treat. This cookie is the most open ended of the choices. Too many unique and different personalities fall into loving this cookie, too many to categorize. These students, however, tend to gravitate towards the basics in most aspects of their lives. They typically stay within what they know, choosing the choice they are sure to like. They don’t typically leave their comfort zones, and when they do, they are quick to return back to their staple favorite. These students are likely to be more nostalgic of the past. They look back on their memories with a sense of comfort and fondness. The chocolate chip cookie is the safe and delicious option of the bunch. As it is known to be said, nothing beats the classics!


The m&m cookie is the least popular out of the options. This news may be shocking to many with how delicious this cookie is. The m&m cookie enjoyers may be small in number but they are sure to make up for it in their sturdy stance on this cookie being best. These people are likely to not follow the crowd or listen to the largest voice. The m&m group follows their heart to the end. They are strong believers in moving to the beat of their own drum. Don’t be offended if someone from the m&m group seems to be ignoring your ideas or plans, they simply follow their own ideas and not what they are told. In all honesty, who couldn’t reject this colorfully beautiful cookie!


The red velvet cookie is the talk of the town. The red velvet cookie may at times seem like the most popular but in reality these cookie fans are just the most talkative. When asking people what their favorite cookie is, the red velvet stans are first to make their stance clear. These students proudly announce that they feel the red velvet cookie is their favorite. The red velvet cookie is definitely the most unique out of all the cookies. This cookie is the only one that deviates from being a largely popular flavor outside of school. However, this lack of a history isn’t stopping true fans from testing the cookie out. The red velvet fans tend to be the most brave in the school. They show no fear of trying something new and even turn it into their favorite upon discovering so. They show no hesitation to changing their prior beliefs with their newest discovery. Their red cake cookie fans are fearless of taking a step on a new journey for their taste buds!


No matter your personality type, you are sure to find the cookie of your dreams at LWE. Maybe even try a new flavor of cookie at lunch tomorrow, or don’t, the choice is yours!