The Spirit of Lincoln-Way East


Chayil Dozier , Staff Reporter

It’s the beginning of the school year, and the beginning of something new for some, but for others it’s the beginning of the end to their high school career. Students on the first day of school are in 4 different places: nervous but excited – memorizing locker codes and finding classrooms-  , calm and collected but still clueless- thinking you know where all your classes are but still need help- ,stressed and pressed- school year hasn’t even started and already done with it- , and finally the apex predator, excited and nervous  for all the new opportunities life has in store for you. So you end up here you started. Lincoln way-East provides a place that holds all their personalities and ideas and gives them all an opportunity to be their absolute best with help from nothing but the best. That is the spirit of Lincoln-Way East.


The spirit of LWE is not only with our amazing activities and outings but the staff and students. We create  a  friendly environment through inclusivity, support and encouragement. From spirit days of homecoming to the blue outs at Friday night games, students support our school and each other. Not only events but the many clubs and activities we have to support those who need it, from STAR club to Best Buddies we are committed to helping those in need. We help and lift each other up no matter what the challenge or obstacle. This kindness is not only from our students but from the school as a whole. Each faculty member, club sponsor and administrator all care about our well being and wants each and every single one of us to succeed beyond Lincoln-Way.


An example of the wonderful spirit of Lincoln-Way East was the homecoming  Olympics. It was overfilling with laughter, memories and enjoyment. Students and teachers of all ages from  joining hand and hand to smacking each other with a padded stick by jousting.  We joined forces to create a collage of teams filled with an even more diverse collage of students who banded yet again to throw mini basketballs into a mini basketball hoop. The events leading up to the main event were moral building and joy inducing. The school joined together to become one and share one night together.


Having these high standards of kindness and compassion, I look forward to finding a college that has the same spirit as our Lincoln-Way East.