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Hurricane Michael

Natalie Hill, Staff Reporter

October 23, 2018

Latest in the news was Hurricane Michael threatening the panhandle of Florida. It formed off the coast of Cuba, gathering its strength as the storm traveled north. As of October 9, 2018, it wass a category 3 hurricane but...

Breast Cancer Awareness

Tayo Omoniyi, Staff Reporter

November 6, 2017

October will always be known as the time millions will go to the store in search for candy, costumes and more. However, there is another important event this month. October is the annual Breast Cancer Awareness month. This goal...

Awkward at the Oscars

Cassidy Stolarek, Staff Reporter

March 8, 2017

When it comes to team players, the cast and crew of La La Land takes the prize, with Miss Columbia close behind. This past Sunday, February 26th 2017, will be remembered as one of the most awkward award ceremonies in Oscar history....

Black History Month

Tayo Omoniyi, Staff Reporter

February 21, 2017

Black History is annually celebrated during the month of February to commemorate the contribution black people have made to this country. In 1915, Harvard graduate and historian Carter G. Woodson and famous minister Jesse E. Moorland...

The Year in Review

Anna Vander Kooi, Staff Reporter

December 23, 2016

As the year closes, here’s a look back at 12 major events that shaped 2016:   January: Taiwan elected its first female president. Tsai Ing-wen, a Democratic Progressive Party chairwoman, made history when she became the ...

Toxic Water in Flint, Michigan

Anna Vander Kooi, Staff Reporter

February 8, 2016

For the people of Flint, Michigan, water is more important than it has ever been. That’s because since April of 2014, they haven’t had the luxury of clean water that so many of us take for granted. When their water supply...

Devastation in Paris

Julia Esparza, Editor in Chief

November 25, 2015

On November 13th, Paris experienced terrorist attacks even worse than those that occurred during the Charlie Hebdo attack almost a year ago. Paris has been in a state of mourning since. The attacks on that day are understood to...

The Swamp Loses One of Their Gators

Joey DiNaso, Staff Reporter

October 26, 2015

                This past Columbus Day news came out that crushed many Florida Gator fans. The man that the program is going to be built around for the next 3 years, Will Grier, tested positive for PED’s. The...

Both Sides of the Coin

Julia Esparza, Staff Reporter

September 18, 2015

The Iran Deal has proven to be a big-ticket item in Congress and one of the most controversial international plans. Many countries have a stake in Iran’s ability to produce nuclear energy or rather its inability to do so. ...

Breaking down barriers

Julia Esparza, Editor in Chief

May 21, 2015

Since 9/11 Americans have remained wary of any Muslim. This caution has set strict sects within society that aggravate the already tense situation. Today ignorance is not bliss; it can’t be in the global community which we reside. At...

Boko Haram

Haley Calderon, Staff Reporter

February 20, 2015

Recently in Baga, Nigeria, over 2000 Nigerian citizens were slaughtered in their own towns, and this caused a horrific and devastating effect on the people residing there. It seems that something of this magnitude would be wel...

Just Cause

Julia Esparza, Editor in Chief

February 5, 2015

The news has frequently advertised the French words, “Je suis Charlie” meaning I am Charlie. These simple words have sparked debate across the entire world, but in order to understand the controversy, the story behind it plays...

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