Fall Activities

Olivia Gomez, Staff Reporter

Although it may seem like it, fall is not over yet! Technically winter doesn’t start till December 21st so, until then enjoy fall while it’s still here! Even though we have already gotten some snow, we are still getting days without snow that are perfect fall weather.

Here are some things to do during your 2022 fall season.


· Go outside! Dress warm and go for a walk. You can enjoy the cool weather before it becomes freezing!


· If you’d rather stay inside, you can always relax and put on a good fall movie or tv show. (I recommend Wednesday). I love to drink my favorite tea while doing this!


· If you want to get a little creative.. bake something fall related! For example, you can bake a pumpkin pie while listening to good “fall music”.


· Watch some football! Even if you aren’t a “football person”, I believe you should always give it a chance. If you’re watching a good game, you will become so invested you’ll love it!


· This may not be appealing to everyone, but cleaning and decorating! After you clean, you can decorate for fall or even for Christmas if you wish. Then, you will feel good knowing you were productive and you will be prepared for the season!


· Get caught up or get ahead in school! Finals are coming up soon and you don’t want to be drowning in schoolwork right before the holidays! It’s better to get it done and over with now, so you can stay afloat when these difficult weeks before break approach.


· Self-Care!!!!!! No matter what season it is, you should be always taking care of yourself. This is just a reminder that you and your health (mental/physical) is always top priority!