Getting Outside During Fall

George Lehman, Staff Reporter

After a year of COVID-19, many of us took advantage of the beautiful weather of this past summer. With the beautiful weather, we enjoyed our old pastimes of spending time with friends and family, traveling places, and vacationing once again. As a long-needed summer has come to an end, and Chicago-classic 20 degree weather days meet us again, getting outdoors seems more unappealing than ever. However, there are still some ways you can enjoy the outdoors as we head into fall.

Do you love to walk outdoors during the warm summer months? Well, that doesn’t have to end when fall begins! You can still enjoy the falling leaves while bundled up in a jacket and scarf. Try turning it up a bit h by taking a hike. Hiking during the fall is a great way to enjoy the changing leaves and crisp weather fall has to offer. Not only will you reap the various health benefits of hiking, but the nature around you provides a great opportunity to slow down and relax. Especially during the busy months leading up to the holiday season, hiking can be a great way to step back and destress from the daily grind.

One of my favorite pastimes this past summer summer was bike riding. As a kid, my family and I would always take long bike rides every summer, even sometimes in late September or early October. While I enjoyed taking bike rides during the summers, my favorite time of year to bike was actually during September and October. As the weather chills, the cool, crisp air of autumn had been a nice change of pace from the hot summer months. I especially enjoyed our rides on the Old Plank Road Trail through downtown Frankfort, as many businesses would hang their Halloween decorations on their doors. I hope to get back to biking this fall, and encourage you to as well!