Trends and Their Consequences


Jaida Abdelrahman, Staff Reporter

We are all somewhat familiar with the countless social media trends circulating the internet right now.  Whether you utilize numerous apps, just a couple, or none at all, these trends eventually reach other mediums for enjoyment of a larger audience. This isn’t always a bad thing, as it can expose you to more ideas and content that you may enjoy (according to the algorithms) for each app. However, in many cases, these trends can be extremely harmful– and the wider their reach, the more harm can be done. Seemingly harmless fun can have horrible outcomes to consumers. Trends like the Cinnamon Challenge, where people try to eat a raw spoonful of cinnamon, or the Birdbox challenge, where people blindfold themselves and try to maneuver through their house, can cause serious harm – anything from collapsed lungs to broken bones.

The inherent damage of other trends is not as obvious. TikTok trends that involve people doing costume makeup to look as though they have been abused or have gone through horrendous surgical procedures are popular, but have lasting negative effects. Filters that are made to point out your physical flaws are perhaps a little more subtle, but just as damaging. In my opinion, trends like these are just as- if not more harmful to both the people participating and the ones watching. Additionally, the ability to duet other videos initially seems innocent but is often used for the purpose of mocking the person from the original video. Trends like these intensify the viewers’ insecurities or flaws about their appearance and make them think they need to conceal or fix them. These trends are, in my opinion, one of the worst, as it can trigger people who have been through traumatic experiences or events and amplify mental health issues.

So, what are we supposed to do about it? I think the most effective solution is to be wise and cautious with the content you consume and ensure that you are taking time for yourself to step away. Know that it is ok to seek help about anything unsettling you may have viewed, and don’t hesitate to report disturbing content.