Lincoln-Way Hockey

Lincoln-Way Hockey

Blake Baran, Staff Reporter

As the season continues, our Lincoln-Way East Griffins are on a roll on our Lincoln-Way Hockey Teams!

As all four Lincoln-Way hockey teams progress to the late stages of their seasons, many of our own students here from Lincoln-Way East are thriving on the ice! Recently, Lincoln-Way Hockey teams Gold and Blue hosted their senior nights last Sunday at Arctic Ice Arena again and ended off with two very great games! Gold went to battle that Sunday night with a high scoring game all the way out to overtime with a late 3rd period comeback.  Unfortunately, the team fell midway into overtime with an unlucky bounce in. Varsity gold lost 7-6 OT. There were notable performances from players from the East such as Chris Wilson and Mick Tucker! Blue played another great battle! Coming back after two early goals by Wheaton west to be followed by 4 goal comebacks by Lincoln-Way Blue and another goal by senior Chris Frachalla. Blue finished the game with a 5-3 win.

Lincoln-Way Red is also making their statement coming late into the season, with also a winning record going into their league playoffs! Notable griffins are forward Mason Meskimen and goalie Blake Lord who have both been selected for their league all-star team! Way to go, Griffins!

As the never-ending season seems to finally be making its finals schedules, we wish all four of our Lincoln-Way Hockey teams and all the Griffins that play for them the best of luck as they all enter the playoffs and post-season!