Avoiding Dangers at the School Roads


Finley Bell, Staff Reporter

When the final bell for school rings, it’s a rush to leave. Students rushing to their cars to get home and parents rushing to pick up their kids all while other students are walking home. With all this rushing and impatience, accidents are bound to happen. 

With winter making roads icy, the roads are more dangerous than ever. Roads are slippery and the mornings are darker. It’s no secret that with winter the roads become more dangerous, but this danger only worsens with the rush to get home. There is a lot going on all at once at the end of the school day. Many students are new to driving, it might even be their first time on icy roads. Stay aware of your surroundings. Being alert while near the school will help you to avoid any accidents. Keep your eyes open for students crossing the street. Remember to yield to pedestrians at the cross walks, don’t forget they’re waiting out in the cold. Overall, be considerate of others and be patient.