The Benefits of Shaving Your Head


Ramona Meszaros, Staff Reporter

would like to preface this article first and foremost by asking that as a reader, you take the time to consider all the points during your reading before determining your final opinion. In other words, hear me out, I have first-hand experience!

The reasons that someone may consider shaving their head can vary. A motive that most often comes to mind is to donate hair to those dealing with medical situations. Several organizations accept donations with specific requirements to ensure that the hair is usable. The website offers helpful advice for those interested in donating their hair to cancer patients and includes a list of things to consider before making the big chop! For those who aren’t interested in cutting off ALL their hair, the cut can be made strategically at a salon to leave you with as much as possible. This donation can really make an impact on someone’s life, especially those struggling with the mental impact of losing their hair involuntarily, so it’s certainly something to consider.

Not only can shaving your head be for a charitable cause, but it’s very practical! The time that it takes to wash your hair dramatically decreases, and there’s an opportunity to save money on multiple hair products! In addition, drying a shaved head takes under a minute, perfect for those who are always in a rush. I will admit, when my hair was at its shortest, I was limited in my styling options. However, that just made getting ready way easier! There’s no need (or way) to spend extra time using heat tools, and as your hair grows back it’ll be healthier than ever. For those whose hair is either damaged from color or heat, shaving your head could be just what you need. It’s important to know that there will come a time during the growing out process when your hair will be at a bit of an awkward stage. But don’t worry! With a little trim and some product, you can keep up your stylish look.

Lastly, shaving your head makes a bold statement. It can take confidence to be proud of your new look, but in the end, it’s just a different hair cut! Whether you’re hoping to help someone in need, looking for a new style, or just don’t want to worry about getting ready as much, there’s a variety of benefits. I hope that these points have, if anything, given you some things to consider. Shaving my head was a great experience, and I hope that you feel the same way if you decide to go through with it!