Favorite Holiday Movie


Sydney Harbeck, Staff Reporter

There’s nothing I love more than snuggling up during the holidays and watching my favorite holiday movie. This got me thinking, what is the best holiday movie? There are so many to choose from, so I had a poll of some popular holiday movies. The results didn’t surprise me. Coming in 1st was Elf which is about Buddy the elf  in New York trying to find his biological father (51.2%), Home Alone coming in 2nd  which was about a kid left home alone during the holidays while his family accidently left him instead of being with them on their trip (30.2%), Christmas Vacation, a family favorite, of a family who can never get a break with their in-laws coming to town and trying to make it through the holidays, and A Christmas Story about a young boy who has this dream of getting a red ryder bb gun for Christmas tying for 3rd (7%), and sadly in last place was The Nightmare Before Christmas a movie about Jack Skellington is planning on taking over Christmas (0%). These are some classics and always put me in the holiday spirit. Happy holidays!