Starbucks vs. Dunkin Fall Drinks

Jocelyn Harbeck , Staff Reporter

As the weather starts to get colder Dunkin and Starbucks start to add a little “spice” (pumpkin if you will) into their drinks to make them more festive with the holidays and weather. A big question is always what is better Dunkin or Starbucks so I wanted to put them to the test with their fall drinks specifically. Since Starbucks is a customizable drink place it would be almost impossible for me to try all of them, but I compared similar drinks from each chain. First, I would like to make note of Starbucks did not come out with a fall refresher unlike Dunkin that did along with also having fall themed food as well. The first Drink I compared was a classic pumpkin spice latte that is a favorite by most. In my opinion the Starbucks was much better than the Dunkin but once again Dunkin had more options as they also have a pumpkin cold foam you can add on top while Starbucks only has vanilla. The next drink I compared was a pumpkin cream cold brew from Dunkin and a close cold brew with pumpkin from Starbucks. The Dunkin tasted much more artificial and very heavy on scent compared to the Starbucks was much more enjoyable to drink and tasted more like pumpkin. The last drinks I compared were a plain vanilla coffee with the Dunkin pumpkin cold foam and if you ask correctly you can get vanilla cold foam from Starbucks and add pumpkin flavoring into it from Starbucks and with that being said Dunkin for sure had the better foam as it tasted much more pumpkin like than the Starbucks. In all both had amazing fall drinks to get you in the spirit but as a die hard Dunkin girl I have to say in my opinion Dunkin had more variety therefore having the better drinks.