Keeping up With In-Person Classes


George Lehman, Staff Reporter

After a long year of asynchronous learning, students are finally back to their games, activities, and clubs. While seeing friends at school is definitely a refreshing experience, the workload after a long year of hybrid learning takes some time getting used to, and with daily in-person classes, school is definitely a major part of our everyday lives. After jumping back in to full in-person classes, how should we balance our schoolwork with our after-school activities and clubs? I’ll share with you some tips of how I balance my time while still hanging out with friends and participating in school clubs and activities.

I’ve always been a planner and planning out the week ahead has definitely helped me to efficiently manage my time throughout past school years. Every Sunday, I grab a piece of paper and set up seven columns. I write down events, after school activities, games, and anything else I have already planned for the week. If I know I have tests or quizzes that week, I make sure to write those down. Then, I’m done! I try to keep my schedules pretty minimal so that if I need to add anything throughout the week, my paper isn’t filled with illegible scribbles that I can’t even read!

If you want to take it a step further, try creating a separate schedule for your school life. Instead of just listing down “quizzes” or “tests” you may have in the week ahead, try writing down the specific topics that you will be tested as well. Understanding when to study certain concepts or topics will help you efficiently balance how much time you spend studying throughout the week. You’ll also have a better understanding of what you’ve already studied and what you may need to study again.

My last tip…don’t be stressed! Even though you may busy throughout the week, efficiently balancing your time may not be as hard as you think! Laying out your week ahead will not only help you manage your time, but also help you keep focused on your goals and schoolwork while still having fun and enjoying the clubs and activities you participate in.