Squid Games


Jasmine Muhammad, Staff Reporter

If you haven’t heard of the famous tv series Squid Game, you have officially been living under a rock. It has become a massive worldwide hit. It has become the most popular series in the platform’s history with over 111 million viewers. The tv series is mainly about 456 people in enormous debt competing to win a cash prize of 45.6 billion won ($38 million), but there is fatal twist. They had 7 challenges to complete, Red Light, Green light, Dalgona Candy, the surprise midnight fight, Tug of War, Marbles, The Glass Stepping Stones, and Squid Game. I think this tv series is one of the best series Netflix has broadcasted this year. It has drama, triller and messes with your emotions all in one.
There are about 10 main/side characters:
The main character/protagonist is Seong Gi-Hun who is a deadbeat dad who lives with his mom. His motivation to join the game was to be a better father for his daughter and to pay to pay for his mother’s life saving surgery. Overall, I think he was a good choice of a main character and I really like him, EXECPT, he cannot take care of his child after winning millions of dollars. He had a choice to go see his daughter but he lost me when he turned around to “destroy Squid Game” altogether.
Kang Sae-byeok a main side character, who’s motivation is to bring her mom over to Seoul and a get her brother out of an orphanage. I personally think she was the best fit as the main character and should have won. I think a lot of people could relate to her because she was very introverted and to herself since she couldn’t trust anybody which is why people could see themselves being her. She was a very rational character.
Abdul Ali a main side character, is a Pakistani migrant worker, has a boss that has refused to give him his paycheck for the last 6 months. I who I think is the most naïve because when he was about to win a challenge, he was tricked by Sang-Woo. He was a really sweet person that I wish could have won because he had a wife and a newborn at home.
Cho Sang-Woo another main side character who later know to be the surprise antagonist is there because he is on the run from the police from pilfering money from clients during his tenure as the director of a securities firm. He also put his own mother’s business and house up as collateral! I honestly think he was the smartest one there. Was he the fakest? Yes, but he had to do what he had to do. I don’t know if I would have done something different when it came to the situation of him winning the marble challenge against Ali. But I would change being a fake friend and betraying those close to me.
The last main side character is Oh ll-nam the oldest one there had been dying of a brain tumor who apperrently is just doing this for fun. But is later on discovered to be the mastermind behind Squid Game and his reason why creating this game was because he was bored😑. Can you imagine creating a game where people risk their lives for money because you were bored?
Jang Deok-su a side character, is trying to pay off debt he owes to the mafia. I think he was the most selfish character and only thought about himself. I think he had a good thing coming for him when his time there came to an end.
Han Mi-nyeo another side character, claimed to have a baby at home who hasn’t had the chance to name him or her yet. She was the loud and annoying character. Who used the damsel in distress card when it’s to her advantage. The bravest thing she did and the only part I liked her at is win she ends her life with Jang Deok because he was causing problems and to get revenge.
Hwang Jun-ho a side character who is trying to find his missing brother who had the same card as the others for to entry to the game. I don’t think he was really important to the series I just think he was there to show the insights and what goes on behind the game.
Lastly, Ji-yeong was approached by the Squid Game recruiters after she left prison. She most definitely had the saddest but bravest part of the series when she decided to give up her life willingly because she thought Sae-byeok had the best reason to win when it came to, she and her.