5 Amazing Ways to Grow a TikTok Following

Omar Shatat , Staff Reporter

A friend asked:
“Hey Omar, I’ve been posting a lot recently on my social media and I haven’t really seen much improvement for myself. I know that you have some experience and I would love to know if you know any techniques or advice on growing at a consistent rate?”
I’ll be sharing a couple of the things that I did to increase my following below:

Step 1: Find a Niche
A niche is a situation or activity especially suited to a person’s interests, abilities, or nature. Almost every consistent and successful TikToker has their own niche. It’s great to have because if it is funny and unique, it can give your viewers something to remember you by.
For example, the tiktoker that goes by the name “spicekingcam” creates all of his content by eating extremely spicy foods. He has gained over 16 million followers just by putting together combos of various spicy foods.
Now I am not saying to start chugging down hot sauce but my point is that you should make sure you put in an effort to have a unique niche.

Step 2: Get to The Point
People nowadays have a very, and I mean very short attention span. No one really has the patience to sit through even a 20 second tiktok. You need to make sure you create a hook.
When creating a hook, you want to make sure it is within the first 7 seconds of your video. Whether you are making something comedic or serious, you need to make sure you start the video off with something that can keep your viewers hooked onto the rest of the video. It’s almost like you are creating an essay for a school project and you’re creating an attention grabber.

Step 3: Keep Your Videos High Quality
You need to make sure that your videos seem presentable and have decently well-rounded quality.
If people can’t tell what’s going on in the video or even if they can’t hear what’s going on, people just simply won’t stick around. One thing many people implement in their videos are subtitles. Subtitles can definitely help viewers keep track of what’s going on in your video.

Step 4: Stay Consistent
There are millions of tikoks being posted on a daily basis. Due to that, people move on to different creators and different trends very quickly. The unfortunate truth to this is that people tend to forget about other creators.
To make sure that you negate falling behind, you need to make sure you keep pumping out content to keep yourself relevant to your community.

Step 5: Keep improving
Last but not least, you need to make sure that you focus on self-improvement,
Every time you post a video you need to make sure that you review it a day later and focus on what you could do better. Content creation isn’t just a passion for most people. It is a skill, and depending on if you are taking it seriously, I recommend that you rectify your mistakes to become a better content creator for yourself. Also, Try looking at other creators and get some inspiration from them if you are hitting a brick wall.