Crumbl Cookie Review

Jocelyn Harbeck , Staff Reporter

Crumbl Cookie reviews are trending on tik tok and got me curious as to if they are worth the hype to drive 45 mins- 1 hour just to get a box of cookies. After finally deciding to bite the bullet and try them for once here is my review! To start, the drive there was very fun as it was time to spend with my friends getting excited to try the new cookies. IF you don’t know already, they have different flavors of unique cookies for each week. The flavors I tried when visiting included churro, cornbread, original with peanut m and m’s, and lastly chocolate crunch. To start off with churro, the cookie itself was very pretty with the frosting on top and was very sweet just like a churro giving it a 9/10 on my food ratings. Next, we had cornbread, which I was very scared of at first as a cookie but surprisingly was pretty good. This cookie wasn’t amazing and something I can’t live without, but I would try it again giving it an 8.7/10. The third cookie I tried was the original one with and m’s and as I was expecting a plain m and m cookie. I was surprised by a peanut butter filled center. As someone who loves peanut butter this was a pleasant surprise giving it a 9.5/10 on the food rating. Lastly, I tried the chocolate crunch which reminded me of a chocolate rice crispy treat and is one I would get again giving it another 9.5/10 on the food rating scale. Overall, the customer service was great, and everyone was super nice along with some tasty cookies and a fun time with friends, therefore receiving my stamp of approval that it is 100% worth giving a try.