Fall Fun


Owen Christensen

Owen Christensen, Staff Reporter

When you grow older, you start to run out of ideas for the best part of Halloween. Not costumes, but PUMPKINS! Pumpkins are an essential part of Halloween festivities. Every year you must pick out the best pumpkins, carve them to how you desire, and finally put them out on your porch for decoration. As years go by, I’ve seen the same pumpkin designs over and over, but it’s time to get creative. I asked a friend of mine for what he likes to do with his pumpkin. Johnathan Murphy, a junior, says, “First I take the seeds out, then I trace my design with a marker, and I usually carve triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and a smiling mouth with one tooth.” Now this is the basic pumpkin everyone knows. I want to give you some ideas for when making pumpkins this Halloween.

First, it’s important to take out all the muck inside of the pumpkin. With more space inside, you can fit more candles to make it brighter. When you clear the muck, you want to make a big hole in the top to get the most out. Also, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty then use a spoon.

Second, when carving the eyes, nose, or mouth, start by tracing what you want to carve. If you make a mistake, you can erase! You don’t have to worry about mistakes or if you don’t like it. When drawing, try to stray away from simple shapes like triangles. You can use circles and draw curvy shapes when making eyes. When you carve, you want to try to stay as accurate to your lines as you can. If you need to cut it out with smaller pieces then that’s okay.

Next, add design to your pumpkin. Use things like paint or markers to highlight the pumpkin. You can use red to make the pumpkin look gory or paint it green for a zombie look. You can even use our school colors to show your pride. Don’t forget to get creative and do what you want to do.

Finally, sse props along with your pumpkin. The display of your pumpkin is as important as the design of your pumpkin. You can use toy plastic arms to stick in the pumpkins design. You can use as a head of a scarecrow or just elevate it up on a table. Make sure your pumpkin is matching with the scene you set up.

Now don’t just copy off what I have, do what you want to do with your pumpkin and get creative. These are only tips and examples just to get your mind going. When Halloween comes, I hope your pumpkins are looking spooky.