Madison Glatz, Staff Reporter

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Thanksgiving, the traditional holiday celebrated by families across America. People travel far and wide to get home for this holiday, hoping to avoid the slowly turning frigid weather. Mostly known for the copious amounts of food and family bonding over football games, this holiday has begun to lose its significance due to the more popular, Black Friday. Stores have begun to open as early as Thanksgiving night, full of wide varieties of deals. This new development has forced an almost rushed sense upon Thanksgiving, as many family members rush out the door to hit up the stores for premature Christmas shopping. Senior Paige Spacek tells us, “It really takes away from the meaning of Thanksgiving. Instead of spending quality time with your family, people are more worried about what kind of deals they can come across.” Black Friday has always followed Thanksgiving, making their meanings somewhat intertwined. But what is the meaning of solely Thanksgiving? Junior Meghan Fischer, “To be thankful for what I have in my life, especially my family.” We often forget the true reason we all come together as we are constantly surrounded by multitudes of new and opinions from mainstream society that impact each and every facet of our lives and how we celebrate this modest holiday.

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