Homecoming Olympics Team Experience

Mario Zambrano, Staff Reporter

Last year, I experienced the most fun I’ve had in a long time while participating in the Lincoln-Way East Homecoming Olympics. The events associated with the Homecoming Olympics help build group chemistry and strong relationships with each other while having a good time. The events required communication and trust which are both key to great chemistry; for example, dodge-ball which was one of the events made our team call out and force us to talk in order to take home that win. “I built stronger friendships with certain people,” stated Ryan Banas. Along with building group chemistry, the games also helped build stronger relationships with my friends and I; although my team consisted of my football teammates and we were all mostly close. The games brought us closer by giving us memories we can remember and talk about for the rest of our lives. I still remember how our team won all the events and made it to the final round against the Seniors, sadly we lost but we had blast competing. “After the events I felt good about all of it, because I had a great time,” said Banas. This should help you understand how these games are a great idea to help form stronger bonds with your friends and have fun by creating life lasting memories.