Building Your Own YouTube Channel

Omar Shatat, Staff Reporter

With a YouTube channel you can create your own content, videos, and short films for others to enjoy. YouTube consists of many other “YouTubers” which means content creators in YouTube world. There are many other Youtubers, so you must make sure you perform your best when you create your content to stay in the spotlight, almost as if this is a competition.
The steps below will show how you can possibly become a YouTube star in the content creating world.

• Find Your Passion
When you want to upload content to YouTube the first thing that matters is what you are going to put out to the website. You need to find your own passion and what you love for others around the world to see. There are many things that you can put out such as vlogs, gaming videos, tutorial videos, and even music videos. There is a huge variety for any type of content you would want to throw out, but make sure you choose what suits you best.

• Creating Your Name
When it comes to creating your name on YouTube you must make sure it is catchy and unforgettable, so it can be remembered by your viewers. Your channel name is very significant because you could be using it in your intros/outros of your videos, so you want to make sure it is something you are comfortable with.

• Editing your content
After every video you record, you must go to the next step which is editing your videos. You can use variety of software to make your videos such as Sony Vegas pro, Adobe premiere elements, iMovie, AVS Video editor, and a lot more. You can choose what best fits your style. Once you choose your program to edit with, you can begin to start making your content. You can put in transitions, jump cuts, and even voice overs on your videos. The editing part of your videos can even be one of the most unique parts about you so make sure that you take your time doing it.

• Tag and share your videos!
Once you have your new video ready to upload you need to do one more thing, and that’s making sure that you tag it. You must make sure that you make unique tags, so your videos stand out from the others and even gets in other people’s recommended.

• Don’t give up
To become the social media star you wish to be, you must be patient and stay consistent with your content. It can take up to one month to even three years. Either way if you keep pushing out what you love, it will catch other viewers’ attention and you will grow. Don’t worry about the views you are getting on each video. The only thing that matters is that you are doing what you love and that others are enjoying it too.