East Shows Spirit for Homecoming!

Megan Phillips, Staff Reporter

As the 2019-2020 school year kicks off, students get excited about homecoming because it is quickly approaching. Students start to form teams for Homecoming Olympics, get ready for the big football game, and are ready to show school spirit all week by dressing up to the appropriate themes. This year’s theme days include Camo, Country Western, Back to the Future, Dad day, and Griffin pride day. Here are a few words from Allison Doyon when asked what spirit day she was looking most forward to. She said, “Back to the future because there will be a lot of variety in everyone’s outfits, and it will be cool to see everyone wear their 80’s clothes.” She was also asked if she liked the theme for the dance which is circus themed this year. She said, “It’s not my favorite but student council always does a good job decorating for the theme.” East is expecting a large turnout as always at the dance and are hoping kids will participate in these theme days as well.