What is the EAC Club up to?


Ramona Meszaros

Freshmen Grace LaGognato and Sam Frato doing a prairie study during Honors Bio

Ramona Meszaros, Staff Reporter

I’m sure you’ve heard of the many clubs that are getting started here at East. One that I personally have joined, is the Environmental Action Club, or the EAC. The EAC has many plans for this year to help Lincoln-Way East become more environmentally conscious, as well as aware of the affects that we have on the world around us, through our day to day actions. The top projects that we are going to be planning for over the next couple months are volunteering trips to a forest preserve, restoring the prairie behind the school and pulling out invasive plants as well as hopefully a future natural burn. We also plan to create monthly environmental themes for the school, and work on East’s recycling habits. Freshman Maddi Neary has some reasons why you should follow our monthly updates, and do your part to help the Earth, “EAC is one thing that can help (environmental) change…if we get more people recycling, and doing good things to help the earth, East could be recognized for this… If you’re interested, join!” I totally agree and hope that if we start small, we could receive some recognition to help our efforts go further.