Interview with Mrs. Strain

Abby McCarey

• Question : How long have you been teaching for?
Answer : “This is the start of my fourth year of teaching.”

• Question : Where did you teach before this?
Answer : “Prior to teaching at Lincoln-way East, I taught at Bettendorf High School and Shabbona Middle School. Therefore, I have worked with students ranging from the ages of 12-18. Teaching each age group has its own benefits, but I am excited to be teaching the high school novels again.”

• Question : What made you choose the education field?
Answer : “I decided to enter the field of education due to the large impact that my teachers and coaches at Lincoln-way Central had on me both as a student and as a person in general. I knew I wanted to be able to help young adults in the same, positive way. I decided to teach English for a couple of reasons. First, it was always my favorite subject growing up; I love reading and writing. Second, my older sister teaches English at Sandburg, so I was excited to follow in her footsteps.”

• Question : What is the culture like at Lincoln-Way East?
Answer : “I love the culture and overall atmosphere at Lincoln-Way East. It is clear that students are competitive academically and athletically, and that the student body has a lot of different interests. I cant wait to see all the energy and school spirit surrounding homecoming related events.”

• Question : What are you goals for this year?
Answer : “My goal for this school year is to get students to enjoy literature more than when they started class. Furthermore, I want students to understand why and how strong reading and writing skills will assist them in life after high school.”