Top Disney Flicks

Taryn Mainwaring, Staff Reporter

Disney has come out with many extraordinary movies. They are known for the magical feeling viewers get while watching these movies. I love all Disney movies, but my personal favorite is the Little Mermaid. This movie has been my favorite childhood movie for as long as I can remember. This film is also Maisyn Szablewski’s all time favorite too! “I like the little mermaid because it’s a classic movie that I used to watch a lot with my family.The animation and songs are really good and are some of my favorite songs to this day,” said Szablewski.
My second all time favorite Disney movie would have to be Beauty and the Beast. This is a Disney classic that has been watched and enjoyed since 1991. This movie has many valuable lessons for younger and older audiences. For example a big lesson that was taught throughout the movie was inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. Belle, the main character, fell in love with a hideous beast because she didn’t care about what he looked like on the outside, and she fell in love with the beauty that came from within him.
Another Disney favorite of mine is Moana. This movie came out in 2016 and was super popular among all age groups. It is enjoyable for anyone and everyone to watch. This movie revolves around a young girl who has a natural calling to the ocean, even though her father forbids her from going near it. Throughout the movie she faces many obstacles to save her people. This movie shows action, fun, and courage and is recommended for everyone to watch.
In 2013, Frozen came out and was the most popular movie out at the time. It was a movie that was liked by everyone. One of the biggest differences between Frozen, and the previous princess movies, was that in Frozen the princess didn’t need a man to save her, but instead her sister saved her. There are also a bunch of Easter eggs in this movie that are really fun to look for.
Lastly, my fifth favorite Disney movie would have to be Maleficent. This movie is especially different from other Disney movies because this one focuses on the villain. It shows how Maleficent wasn’t always bad and it also shows how she became the villain of the story and her perspective on the events.
These are my top 5 favorite Disney movies. Thank you for reading!