Do Teenagers get Enough Sleep?

Jocelyn Harbeck, Staff Reporter

A highly discussed topic at school involves teens often complaining about how little sleep they got the night before. As someone who often gets told at home I need to go to bed earlier and that I don’t get enough sleep, I was wondering if I was the only one at school who had this problem. When asking a group of students at school on average how many hours of sleep you get a night, the answers were very surprising. After surveying a wide variety of students of different ages I was able to find out that on average a student gets 7 hours of sleep. The lowest amount of sleep someone mentioned getting was 2 hours of sleep a night and the most was 11 hours of sleep. It was clear students were not getting the adequate amount of sleep. Knowing the average amount of sleep, I then learned the average amount of sleep a teen needs is 9 ½ hours per night, and I wondered why students were not getting an efficient amount of sleep. In my opinion I feel that the number one issue would be students staying up all night on their phones, and this one I’m also guilty of. So an easy solution I found to this was just staying off your phone at least one hour before bed. The blue light from your phone is the cause of you staying so awake and alert. Try removing this one hour before you plan on going to sleep and you are able to remove the issue in an easy manner and help you get to bed earlier and have more energy for school.