Will the Chicago White Sox make the playoffs?

Kevin Cech, Staff Reporter

The White Sox are one of those teams that just can’t make the playoffs for whatever reason. Is it because they are just plain bad? Or is it because they need to figure things out as a team? I asked Kyle Hrkel and he replied, “They don’t all always work as a team. It is usually a one man show.” With only 13 games left to go in the season, the Sox really need to step it up in order to make it into the playoffs. With a 65-84 record, the Sox really need to go on a win streak in these last 13 games in order to make it to October baseball. The fact that the Sox must improve in such a short amount of time makes it difficult to make a comeback. Tim Anderson, Yoan Moncada, and José Abreu all must carry the team on the offensive side of the field. These players all contribute a big part to the team. The White Sox have had a lot of trouble throughout the whole season. The Sox have not won a series against a team all season. They have come close but have yet to prevail by beating a team for all three or four games. I asked for Owen Frickenstein’s opinion on this and he said, “I think the Sox can only get better, and I hope the best in the future for them. I don’t really see that happening for a few seasons.” I 100% agree with this statement made by Owen. He brought up a few good points about how the Sox won’ be getting better for the rest of this season and more to come. Based on all of this information, I don’t think the Sox will make the playoffs or even be good in these upcoming years of baseball.