Lincoln-Way East JV Golf

Owen Christensen, Staff Reporter

The JV Golf team has been starting out strong in the season. Coach Galligan has led the team to 9-0 with a win by 40 strokes against TF South, 15 strokes against LWW and another win against Lockport with medalists Patrick Jungles and Jake Krstulovich.
There are 13 kids on the team this year that have a lot of talent to give. The golf team practices every day, and when they’re not practicing, they are playing. The players of the team are always putting the work into becoming the best. They always have their heads high as well as their spirit. They’re always up for a challenge no matter how hard it is. The incoming freshmen to the team are also excited for the season matches in store. I asked some of the freshman such as Will Schultz and Niall Canny how they feel coming into the team. Will Schultz said, “My experience with the golf team is great. I’ve made a lot of new friends, and we’ve had a lot of fun competitions.” When I asked to elaborate, Schultz stated, “Well the part about friends is that I’ve made a lot of new friends, and we’ve had a lot of jokes and gags. We’ve bonded as a team throughout the short season, and it’s really become a blast. Competition is great. Our team is a very successful team as we are undefeated. I love going against other schools, competing, and trying to win each and every match we can.” When I asked Freshman Niall Canny about his experience, he told me, “Well to start I was debating this and soccer, but what it came down to was the fact that I could play golf for a much longer time in the future than soccer. I came into it a little bit nervous, but it turns out that everyone was extremely nice and helpful on the team. I don’t regret my decision at all, and I think it has been a great season and hope to repeat something similar to it next year.”
At golf practice, the team is always having fun while giving it their all. They make challenges for themselves while playing the holes. No one is ever looked down on because they help each other along the way. While the freshmen are new to these routines, the sophomores have done it all. When sophomore Patrick Jungles was asked what he likes about the new team he said, “ What I like most about the golf team is everyone’s commitment to becoming a better golfer which has helped make us one of the best teams in the state. Without our work and commitment at practice, we wouldn’t be the team we are right now.”
I think this team has a bright future ahead of themselves. If the freshmen now keep up their work, the JV team next year is looking bright. The golf team has great spirit and can win against anyone who challenges them.