Highlights of Black Student Union


Maya Davis

Photo Courtesy of: Maya Davis

Maya Davis, Staff Reporter

The Black Student Union is one of the many clubs at LWE. The club consists of a majority of black students, but everyone is welcome to attend. In Black Student Union, we do many activities like rap battles, dancing and roasting each other. We also take time to be focus and conduct interviews with black owned businesses. In those interviews, we discuss the struggles of being black in the business world and the successes they have achieved. We also visit businesses, and have gone to Bear Down Barbecue in Frankfort. Also, Black Student Union is a good place to get in your community service hours. I got 21 service hours my freshman year just by doing Black Student Union. For all those seniors needing those last-minute service hours, this is the club for you. Another great thing about this club is that for all freshman who are looking to find some friends, this is the club for you too. We are all a “family,” and it is good place to make new friends. Miles Davis said, “I’m very excited to be joining Black Student Union this year because I have heard so many great things about it.” I agree with him on this, and I hope many join this year. We meet once a month on Thursdays so come check BSU out!