Hurricane Michael

Natalie Hill, Staff Reporter

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Latest in the news was Hurricane Michael threatening the panhandle of Florida. It formed off the coast of Cuba, gathering its strength as the storm traveled north. As of October 9, 2018, it wass a category 3 hurricane but had the potential of becoming a category 5 according to the National Hurricane Center. Evacuation schedules were already given the people in the predicted path of the hurricane. Hurricane Michael was spinning in the Gulf of Mexico gaining considerable speed and was expected to hit landfall Wednesday, October 10th. Anyone in the path of Michael was to seek shelter or evacuate their home to find refuge with family or friends outside the path of the storm.
Now that the hurricane has hit, and Florida is devastated, authorities say it could be months before Florida is normal again. Residents are doing what they can to restore it. The destruction has left many people homeless and living in brutal conditions. Residents are also visiting distribution centers to receive necessities like bottled waters and some ready to eat meals. There have been 18 deaths, but it is predicted to increase. CNN states “Crews are working tirelessly, bringing bulldozers to move debris and cutting trees with chainsaws to clear highways and hundreds of roads blocked by the wreckage.” We should help by donating food and money to Panama City Florida to help the residents and rebuild the city. Anything can make a difference in desperate times like these.


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