Tayo Omoniyi, Staff Reporter

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On a Friday, students are flocking to an event that captures the interest of many young ones. Once in a while, students gather to share each other’s artwork and literature at Calliope coffeehouse. The Calliope Club, or the Creative Writing Club, at LWE brings together young, creative minds to hear each other’s writing, share their passion for the written word, and socialize. It’s not that often that high school kids get to bond over literature and gives them the opportunity to develop their writing. Paige Alexander, a junior and an Executive Member of Calliope, stated “…Coffeehouse is essentially a place, where all writers and artists alike can present their work to their peers, friends, and family. There may be restrictions on what you can present just because people outside of the club may not be comfortable hearing or seeing certain topics, and we like to keep Coffeehouse family friendly. Otherwise it’s a party, where we celebrate our creativity. Unlike regular meetings, there’s no critiques (Coffeehouse). You present your work, and everyone applauds. There’s also games, and food, which is always a plus. I like writing because it has a universal purpose. It can be informative, emotional, political, humorous, exhilarating, or anything. The only limit to what you write is your imagination.” Calliope is different from other clubs because it gives students an outlet to their emotions and gives them the chance to express their emotions by writing it down. Even if you don’t write, it is a space where you can enjoy the work of others and an opportunity to make new friends. Calliope meetings will be on the announcements ahead of time and are usually in Room 228. If you have any questions, please ask Mrs. Nakamura in room 228.

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