When Your Heart Says “Yes” but Your Mom Says “No”

Cassidy Stolarek, Staff Reporter

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Take it from someone who has a bucket list as long as the state of California, nothing puts a damper on a “Go! Go! Go!” vibe than a mom’s “No! No! No!” vibe. Whenever my friends and I get a burst of spontaneity and want to go to a concert on a school night or drive to Iowa “just because”, we hit a brick wall when disapproving parents shake their finger and send us back to the drawing board. So what’s a kid to do? Nobody likes ticked off parents, so it’s imperative to find the fine line that exists between the do’s and do-not’s and dance along the edge. Finding creative ways to be adventurous within the limits of your town or state can be tricky, but it make’s the reward all the more worth it. So maybe you don’t need to go to Fiji or see the Taj Mahal just yet. All the super far and dangerous and expensive stuff can wait until you’re older (believe me it’s for the best). For now, channel that inner adventure towards finding the best fro-yo spot in town, going to a drive-in on a summer night, or attempting to do a Pinterest DIY that’s way out of your league. Trying something new with good friends is a recipe for awesomeness, and often times your parents will hop on board. If you’re lucky, your ability to create your own fun locally will impress your protective parents, and may even lead to them loosening the reigns once in awhile.

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