A Friday Night Feature

Madison Glatz, Staff Reporter

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The Lincoln-Way East Cheer and Poms teams were back on the field for Friday nights in Frankfort with something to prove.

Coming back from another victory at state, the cheer team now had to take on a different kind of challenge: developing a primarily new team. Junior Mary Kate Persin divulged, “Going into this season I knew that my team and I had a lot to live up to, so we are just focused on coming together [,] since we have basically a brand new team.” However, the returning members took this challenge in stride. Senior Avery Powell agreed, “The expectations are a lot higher, but we don’t let it get to us and we try keeping a positive attitude. Supporting one another is a big thing on our team. We are constantly cheering each other on and pushing everyone to give it their all. We leave all the drama and stress off the mat and focus on the task at hand.” With three state championship titles in the past four years, the pressure had definitely risen in response to the East cheer phenomenon. Senior Lauren Bruns claimed as a result of this, “The goal for this year’s cheer team is to give it all we have at every competition and stay motivated throughout the season to live up to the expectations we have set for ourselves by winning last year. The most important thing is that we improve each competition and peak at state.” With still some ways ahead of them, the cheer team began to collaborate in their dedication to bring the state what it’d been missing.

The Poms team experienced a change in leadership that was a catalyst for their new reputation. Senior Olivia Senese remarked, “Having a new coach and new captains had a really big impact on our team. We work together to make ourselves better not only as individual dancers but as a whole team as well. This year, we’re practicing hard and focusing on the smaller details because we love the dances we’re doing, and we want the school to love them too!” The healthy competitiveness that every team thrives on really took off for Poms as well during the past season. Freshman Maggie Caul commented, “[The competiveness] really makes me want to work harder since the spots are more limited. I definitely feel more motivated to make improvements on my dancing.” Cheer and Poms succeeded in making hard earned improvements to their teams that enabled them to become talented forces to contend with.

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