Stress Free Really is the Way to Be

Anna Vander Kooi, Staff Reporter

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April is National Stress Awareness Month-which is completely ironic considering the late nights Lincoln-Way East students will be spending cramming their brains with rhetorical devices for their AP English test, logarithms for the Advanced Algebra final, and cell structures for their Biology quiz. As the school year closes, it becomes harder and harder to stay stress free while staring longingly out your windows at the seventy-degree sunshine, watching the homework pile up and the days drag on. In the meantime, keep your stress at a minimum by employing these twenty-five fool-proof methods to reduce stress.

1. Take a long walk
2. Turn on your favorite song…sing loud
3. Drive without a destination-my personal favorite
4. Call a friend and talk about your favorite memory
5. Turn your phone off, delete your social media, just be in the moment
6. Watch an interview of an intriguing person
7. Read a chapter of your favorite book-a great escape method
8. Workout (or don’t…haha)
9. Make your favorite childhood snack
10. Clean out your room-go through old CDs and knick-knacks
11. Talk to your mom-I never fail to smile after a deep conversation with mine
12. Hug your dad-dads give the best hugs, it’s a proven fact
13. Take your sibling out for ice cream (only make them pay if you’re mean)
14. Look out your window and find something you’ve never noticed before
15. Sit outside and watch the clouds move across the sky
16. Listen to an entire music album
17. Take a nap (never a bad idea)
18. Watch a weepy movie
19. Watch a funny movie
20. Take a warm shower (cold showers are completely unnatural and I refuse to endorse them)
21. Research something you’re really interested in but don’t learn about in school
22. Learn a skill you’ve never considered important but you’ve always considered cool
23. Window shop with your friends
24. Get a pizza (you can never go wrong with pizza)
25. Learn to say something in 5 languages…just because you’ll look really smart

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