Awkward at the Oscars

Cassidy Stolarek, Staff Reporter

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When it comes to team players, the cast and crew of La La Land takes the prize, with Miss Columbia close behind. This past Sunday, February 26th 2017, will be remembered as one of the most awkward award ceremonies in Oscar history. The show was hosted by the hilarious Jimmy Kimmel and had been carried out tastefully up until the tragic event of 9:30 PM. Emma Stone had just won the Oscars for “Best Actress”, which put myself and many others in a splendid state of happiness and excitement. I almost didn’t notice when the award ceremony resumed and progressed to the “Best Picture” award, presented by long-time actor Warren Beatty.
To understand the mix-up, one first must understand the winner-envelope system. Every year, TWO sets of envelopes are created containing the winning films and cast members. Should something happen to one set, the entire backup set will take its place. In the hustle and bustle of the red carpet celebrities, many viewers failed to recall the man and woman being photographed with two huge briefcases.
When Warren Beatty first opened the envelope, he looked confused and unsure of the card. Some believed him to be disappointed with the chosen winner, while others believed his pace to be for dramatic affect. Whatever the case, he passed the envelope to an annoyed Faye Dunaway who called the La La Land crew onstage to collect their award. As the producers progressed in their speeches of thanks, a frantic man with a headset was scrambling around the back end of the stage. He was looking for something, snatching one red envelope after another to examine the contents. As the speeches came to a close, a producer who had already spoken came to the microphone to make a snarky and confusing comment towards the audience. The head producer came forward with an envelope and said that Moonlight had actually won, there had been a mix-up. Claims that this was an intentional act to tarnish the reputation of Warren Beatty or the La La Land crew have fallen on the deaf ears of the media, most of whom claim this to be a simple human error.
Easy mistake or not, it made this Oscar ceremony one that will never be forgotten. The pain and secondhand-embarrassment the audience went through after seeing the glory pried from the longing hands of the actors and actresses of the La La Land film will not be easily forgotten. Throughout this cringe worthy incident all I could see was the “you had one job” meme flashing through my repeatedly. In the end, the La La Land producers handled the situation tastefully, humbly offering the Oscar up to the Moonlight cast and exclaiming excitement and joy for their opponent. While they sacrificed the spotlight and the glory of “Best Picture”, they showed excellent sportsmanship and gained the respect of millions of viewers.

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