Contest Play

Tayo Omoniyi, Staff Reporter

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The Lincoln-Way East theater company is competing in Contest Play. Contest Play is an IHSA event in which high schools compete against each other in theatre with their own plays. The cast and crew is responsible for their own setup and strike of the set before and after the play. At the competitions, they are timed by judges who will allow them 5 minutes for setup and 10 minutes for strike. The competition gives young actors the opportunity to compete in their craft, learn to be better actors, and realize their true potential in theatre. Drama provides a place for these students to express their creativity and work together toward a common goal. Sebastian Khattabi, a senior at Lincoln-Way East, who has been acting since he was a child, says, “I love the adrenaline rush it gives me as I know each time I go on stage it will be a different audience with different reactions and, consequently there is a little bit of improve each performance. I also love the fact that I get to be a part of a group of people that are dedicated to creating and presenting art.” Lauren Adamow, a junior, says, “I’ve always loved acting, it’s like an outlet for all the stuff I feel that I can’t do in the real world. Acting makes me feel brave and being a part of this production has been absolutely hilarious and so much fun. For anyone who plans to join contest play: you will gain another family here.” This year the ensemble will be performing Crushed, a new kind of romantic comedy by Don Zolidis. In this story, Guy and Girl, two social outcasts looking for love are guided by a couple of hallucinations on what NOT to do in the romance department. The play is filled with jokes, but there has been a lot of fun behind the scenes. The public performances will be held in the Auditorium on Thursday and Friday, February 23 & 24. After that, the ensemble will head to Conference on March 11, and from there Sectionals on March 18. If they place 1st or 2nd, they will be eligible to compete at State.

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