The Classes of Now

Carter Sheehan, Staff Reporter

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Many kids at Lincoln-Way East begin to think about our futures around this time of year, and that is because it is Registration! It may only be about six months in the future, since that is when most of the classes will start for the next year, but it can actually be much more than that.
Lincoln-Way East offers an expansive collection of classes to take aside from the core courses, which include (but are not limited to) foreign languages, journalism, engineering, and even courses in food. A lot of these are fun classes that integrate education into the said topic and make it a fun experience for the students involved. These classes, however, do not have to just be a course to fill your open elective. They could also help with your future. If you have more experience in a career you want to enter, the employer will more likely pick you over someone with lesser to no experience in that certain field. Fortunately, Lincoln-Way Easy has a plethora of options when it comes to specialized classes that can help you in these endeavors. “[I want to] Go to the Air Force and become a chef,” Dominic Blackstone, a junior at Lincoln-Way East, says. Luckily, Lincoln-Way has many classes to help him with this. “I have taken ROTC and Intro to Foods along with Baking Basics, and I am taking catering next year.”
Some students may not have as concrete of a plan yet, but consider that there is plenty of time to sign up for these classes. “I was thinking something along the lines of game development,” Steven Staszak, a sophomore at Lincoln-Way, says. “I’m thinking about taking Game and Simulation Programming, Keyboarding, Web Page Design, or possibly Computer Science Principles.” There are many classes to choose from, and you can choose how specific you want to go in your courses depending on what you think will be best for you and your schedule.
Even if you do not have a career planned out ahead of you, there are still many reasons to take electives. “One class that has helped me the most is ROTC,” says Alexis Weir, a former student to the Lincoln-Way district who was able to graduate early with a special, Lincoln-Way program. “It showed me how to be a leader, boosted my self-confidence, and all around taught me how to be a better person. I apply those lessons to my life every single day.”
Many people have already signed up and registered for their classes. If you are thinking now that you may want to switch or change classes, there is no need to worry! You can go to the PPS Office to see your counselor. They can help you arrange your schedule or add in other classes that fit your needs. If you are on the verge of deciding whether or not you want to take a certain class, why wait? You can start your path to your future now!

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