Book Review on Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Madison Glatz, Staff Reporter

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In Sarah J Maas’ debut series, Throne of Glass, a mystical yet suffering world is explored by Celaena Sardothein, an assassin seeking retribution for her capture and sentencing to the infamous slave labor camp known as Endovier. The continent of Erilea has been conquered by the ever power hungry King of Adarlan, ripping apart the lives of many, including Celaena. When a groundbreaking chance is presented to Celaena she accepts the prospect of becoming the King’s Champion over the course of a lethal competition against other criminals all fighting for their liberation. In her pursuit for freedom, Celaena encounters and befriends the Captain of the Guard and the Crown Prince. But as new connections are forged, old ones threaten to unravel from Celaena’s disturbingly mysterious past. With unprecedented originality, Maas weaves a story with unforgettable characters and a climactic plot that only seems to grow over the series. Throne of Glass incorporates mythical facets along with underlying and ethical features as the origins of what drives the conquering of empires and their impact upon a population are considered. A most definite read for any bibliophiles of young adult fantasy this six book New York Times bestselling series will leave readers second guessing relationships, motives, and the characters themselves, till the very end, making it a memorable installment.

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