A Dream Come True

Nick Marietti, Staff Reporter

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When I was growing up, I had a dilemma throughout my entire  childhood: Why couldn’t my favorite basketball player play for my favorite team, the Bulls? I loved Dwayne Wade ever since I first saw one of his games for the Miami Heat on ESPN. At the time I was about 7 or 8 years old, and watching him play with the enthusiasm and passion he had for the game was a thing of beauty to me. Throughout the next couple years, the tug and pull of having my favorite player play for my favorite team’s rival was daunting to a young kid like I was. Then, when Lebron James decided to join Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, my whole view of Dwayne Wade changed. The young kid that I was thought that Wade was cheating and taking the easy way out, and I didn’t like that. So, for the next couple years, I rooted for whoever was facing Wade and the Heat while I cheered on my beloved Chicago Bulls with no hesitation. Until one summer day this year, everything changed.

Rumors had been going around this past summer that Wade was contemplating leaving Miami because they were not offering enough money and he felt disrespected. I couldn’t blame Wade for this, because he was the most iconic player in Heat history and gave his heart and soul to that team. As I was scrolling on Twitter one day, I saw a tweet that said that Dwayne Wade was interested in either the Denver Nuggets or MY Chicago Bulls. My heart dropped. Could there really be a possibility that Wade could come play in Chicago?

Now, the Bulls had a very interesting summer if you didn’t know. They began by trading Chicago’s child Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah for three pretty decent players from the New York Knicks. Now, everyone in Chicago held their arms over their heads in disbelief and shame over what the Bulls had just done. How could they trade the former MVP of the league, born and raised Chicago kid for some guys that no regular person knew of? If you think about it, it was a good trade for both teams. The Knicks had lost their feeling of an NBA powerhouse and needed some type of rejuvenation; Derrick Rose could possibly give them that. On the flipside, the Bulls have Jimmy Butler, the face of the franchise. They didn’t need a power struggle from two players who thought it was their team, so in return, they got a quality center in Robin Lopez and two players who could be a good part of the Bulls bench. A week or two after this trade, Chicago made another splash in free agency by acquiring Rajon Rondo for a quality price. Rondo was a stud in Boston in the beginning of his career, making a name for himself and making passes no one has seen before. Later in his career, he got moved around from a couple teams because of troubles with the coach but continued to put up quality numbers. Last year, Rondo averaged a little over 10 assists per game and was one of the league leaders in assists with the Kings. After having problems with the older coach of the Kings, Rondo wanted to move on. When he came to Chicago, he saw the player that Jimmy Butler was and the possibility of acquiring more help for the two players and he was sold. The pieces were moving together and Chicago was changing in front of our eyes. And then it happened.

As I continued to scroll on my twitter feed the next couple days, I heard that Wade was interested in Chicago, but I couldn’t believe it. Day by day, Wade was getting farther and farther away from Miami and no one knew where he would land. Then, at around 7 o’clock on a summer night, I get an ESPN update on my phone that says, “Dwayne Wade tells the Chicago Bulls that he will sign a contract to play with them.” My heart sank and I had a brief moment of disbelief. What just happened? Is this true? Indeed it was. Wade had shocked the world and left Miami for his hometown. My dream had come true, and I couldn’t have been more excited. Being able to see Butler, Wade, and Rondo play together is going to be a treat for Chicago fans, and we should all be beyond excited for this upcoming team. Wade’s coming to Chicago is a fairy tale for the 7 year old kid inside me, and I can’t wait for what’s to come from the Bulls this year.

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