Interview with Jake Arthur

Kyle Rekart, Staff Reporter

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Me: Last week I interviewed Max Shafer about the football season, now I would like to ask you how you feel it is going. So, how do you feel it is coming along?

Jake: The football season is going good right now. It is the best time of the school year. It is very exciting and very fun each and everyday.

Me: With North closing it affected not only a football team, but also a community. Football, at any school, is the one thing that brings a community together more so than anything else. Do you think that this season carries more weight than any other season?

Jake: I believe it does just because it is the first year of the transformation, but it has been very easy so far.

Me: As a student-athlete, do you have the hopes of pursuing football after high school? Or are you sticking strictly to being a student in college?

Jake: I do believe I want to play college football, but I just don’t know where.

Me: We are almost a quarter of the way through the school year. You went three years wearing black and gold, how does it feel to be wearing black and blue as a Griffin?

Jake: At first it felt a little awkward but it has been a wonderful experience.

Me: You gained an almost brand new coaching and teaching staff, and a whole load of new players and classmates. How has the transition been on the field and in the classroom?

Jake: Both have been very easy. We all became good friends very quickly.

Thanks for your time, Jake. Good luck with the rest of the football season and school year.

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