Interview with Max Shafer

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Interview with Max Shafer

Kyle Rekart, Staff Reporter

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I sat down with Senior Quarterback, Max Shafer all while eating a ham and cheese omelet…


Me: So you had a big game last Friday, but before talking about the game can you tell me a little bit about how the “pre-game” went including Notre Dame and everything?

Max: The trip to Notre Dame started at 7:30 in the morning. We arrived and toured the campus and the athletic complex. It was a great experience.


Me: How do you think the game went?

Max: The game went really well, our offense came out fast and executed what we needed to do. The offense line kept Jake and I protected, and the defense was good as always.


Me: Being a three sport athlete all four years, how do you find time for school and your social life?

Max: Well, that’s a good question… I just have gone with the flow.


Me: Being a senior has a lot of perks, do you enjoy it? Does it feel different?

Max: I feel cool. Looking up to all these people since I was a freshman and finally living in that glory is a great feeling. But, I love being a leader and leading by example.


Me: As a fellow Cubs fan, is this the year? Who is your favorite player, and why?

Max: This is the year, Kris Bryant is my favorite player because he will be MVP this year but I also love Addi-Daddy (Addison Russell), Kyle Hendricks, A-Rizzo (Anthony Rizzo), and Javy Baez.


Me: Any idea on if you want to play football in college? If not, where are you looking?

Max: I would like to, but I am focusing on our senior season first.


Check back next week when I plan to interview our other Quarterback, Jake Arthur.

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