2016 Fashion at its Finest

Rachel Huculak, Staff Reporter

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On the morning of February 28th, there stood a lonely red carpet, waiting to be filled with the greatest actors and actresses of the world.  As soon as 5:30 hit, an assortment of color became present on this exact red carpet.  Yes, it was that time of the year.  The festivities of the 2016 Oscars had finally begun.  Not only was this a time full of fun and excitement, but also a time of hard work.  Many actors and actresses had to spend the whole day getting ready for this significant event.  Women, especially, had to take their style into greater consideration.  Many people love to see the different variations of their dresses and the work that each designer put into those dresses.  Furthermore, every actress rocked their style and put everything into their appearance.  However, there were seven stars that really stood out.  They walked onto the red carpet with confidence and pride in their attire.  Below are the seven actresses with a passion for fashion.


  1. Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams displayed her refined and

classy personality as she sauntered onto the red

carpet. She wore a backless jade-colored August

Getty Atelier dress. Her silver earrings were the

perfect combo, adding a simple touch to her plain

and elegant gown. Her silver rings and bracelet

were also a pretty addition that matched her earrings.

Finally, her outfit was complete with silver Stuart

Weitzman heels. Also, since this dress has a collar,

putting her hair up was a superior choice.

  1. Jennifer Garner

It was clear that Jennifer would make the best

dressed list as soon as she entered the Oscars. She

proudly wore a beautiful one-shoulder Atelier Versace

gown. Her dress was very delicate and unique, for

the shoulder strap and long train were a satisfying touch.

Furthermore, her silver bracelets added a bit of color

to her black dress. Finally, to top it off, Jennifer wore

divine silver earrings.

  1. Alicia Vikander

Wow, is that Alicia Vikander or Belle? I can

hardly see the difference! Alicia strolled into the 2016

Oscars wearing a stunning Louis Vuitton dress. Her

gown was glamorous and very artistic, for the silver

sequin made the dress more flamboyant. Additionally,

the gathered hem added a touch of originality. To

complete her look, Alicia wore silver diamond earrings

and heels to match the sequin.  She also put up her hair

into an elegant half-up bun. Way to go Alicia!

  1. Tina Fey

It’s no wonder all eyes were on Tina Fey when she

entered the Oscars on Sunday, her look was absolutely

stunning! Although basic, her strapless Atelier Versace

gown was very bold and elegant. It contained a refinery

that not many other looks had. Furthermore, her necklace

was a smart choice, for it complemented her dress very

well. Not many people can wear this color easily, but

Tina seemed to have no problem. It was a great selection

for this special day.

  1. Cate Blanchett

It was clear to see that Cate’s ensemble was

completely flawless. We can all agree that her look

deserves a round of applause. Cate proudly stepped

onto the red carpet wearing an illustrious, light blue

Armani Prive gown. This dress is very captivating

and even contains features of that of a mermaid. Its

design is exquisite and created a lasting impact among

the people there. In addition to the gown, Cate wore

light blue earrings and a silver bracelet.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence

It appears that the odds were ever in her favor

as Jennifer posed for a picture. Jennifer wore a beautiful

gown by Dior Haute Couture to the Oscars. I adore this

dress because of its unique layers. The bare V-neck

at the top blends desirably with the black lace on the

skirt of the gown. By having no lace on the top, this

dress has the perfect amount of added material. It’s

not too much, but not too simple either. Jennifer also

added a light silver necklace to finish off her look.

Overall, this was a great beginning to a wonderful


  1. Brie Larson

Brie looked outstanding on Sunday! The Room

Star brightened the red carpet wearing a beautiful,

violet Gucci gown. My absolute favorite part of this

gown is the skirt. Not only is it remarkable, but it

differentiates significantly from the other dresses.

Foremost, the wavy design is a crucial component of the

dress. It is very beautiful and keeps the dress from

having the same texture from top to bottom. The

addition of the long train also intensifies its beauty.

Furthermore, Brie added a nice belt to go along with

the dress. They complemented each other very well!

Finally, she wore white, pearl earrings to top off her look.

This was definitely one of the best looks of the night!





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