The Almost Halfway College Football Playoff Predictions

Nick Marietti, Staff Reporter

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As college football approaches its halfway mark in the season, it can never be too early for the playoff predictions, right? First, I’ll start by saying I believe that Leonard Fournette will win the Heisman Trophy. He has ran for over 1,000 yards in his first 5 games this season and is not looking like he will slow down. He has literally and figuratively ran away from the pack of Heisman contenders and cemented himself as the Heisman favorite. Maybe that Heisman pose he struck in the end zone after a monster touchdown a year ago wasn’t so crazy after all?

Now, to my predictions for the playoff. First, I’ll start with my first four out, starting at #8: Alabama. Alabama suffered a harsh loss on their home field against an Ole Miss team that might not be as legit as people thought. Alabama has also been struggling at quarterback and I think that will come to hurt them and hand them their second loss against an LSU team that is starting to find its rhythm with Fournette and Harris starting to feed off of each other. I don’t think that a two loss Sec team can make the playoffs and will leave Alabama fans without a chance at the Championship trophy. At #7, Ohio State. So far, Ohio State has been less than appealing to the eyes as their starting quarterback Cardale Jones has not lived up to his hype. After a mere escape from Northern Illinois, Ohio State does not look like they can beat both Michigan and Michigan State this year. I don’t think that the playoff committee will take a one loss Big Ten team over an undefeated ACC team or one loss PAC 12 team, which leaves the Buckeyes without the Championship Trophy this year. At #6, I have Texas A&M. The Aggies passing attack along with their monster defensive line has looked like a recipe for a Championship, or is it? They had a huge scare against an Arkansas team that is now only playing for their coaches’ job. When A&M has to go against a team that does the same thing as Arkansas, but better, A&M will suffer a costly loss against LSU and leave them out of the playoffs. Finally, who will be the last team on the outside? At #5, the TCU Horned Frogs. TCU has a potential Heisman finalist in Trevone Boykin, and have a high-powered offense. But, the Horned Frogs have suffered some devastating injuries to their defense that could be costly against the well-oiled machine of the Baylor Bears. I have TCU losing to Baylor, which will result in TCU being the final team out of the College Football Playoff.

Now, who do I think is going to be in the college football playoff? At #4 I have the Clemson Tigers. One of the main reasons I have Clemson in is because of their schedule. Their only real threat left on their schedule is a Florida State team that is obviously not the same without Winston. Clemson had a very close win against Notre Dame, and Clemson has shown that their the real deal. If they go into the ACC championship game undefeated and win, there is a very high chance that the Clemson Tigers will be in the College Football playoffs. At #3, I have the LSU Tigers. LSU is being led by the best player in college football in Leonard Fournette as the running back. The one question about LSU was their quarterback back, and Harris has shown to be a solid, smart QB so far. The only thing to worry about for LSU is their gauntlet of an upcoming schedule. They have three of the AP top 10 teams the rest of the season on the schedule. If they can get to the SEC championship game with one or zero losses, LSU will be competing for a championship. At #2, I have the University of Utah. Utah has been playing great football so far this year, beating whoever has come in their way. In a game that had College Gameday on campus, Utah intercepted California 5 times and beat the Bears by six points to stay undefeated. Utah has a couple tough games for the rest of the season, but I think the Utes are going to win the PAC 12 and be in the Playoff’s. Finally, who do I believe will be #1 at the end of the season? At #1, I have the Baylor Bears. Baylor has had one of the most prolific offenses in the history of college football this year. Now, they have faced mediocre defenses, but to be scoring the way that their offense is scoring, it’s going to be hard to stop this team. The defense is also an elite defense, and they can do just enough to get their team a win in any game. I believe their going to beat TCU again this year, and have a very good shot at being the champs this year.

That is how I think that the season is going to round out at the end of the year, but who is going to win? I have the LSU Tigers defeating Baylor in the Championship game. But who knows, maybe your team will be the one raising that championship trophy this season.

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