Fall Play

Lucas Adams, Staff Reporter

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The school play is right around the corner, and it’s bound to be a good one.  This year Mrs. Swaney has decided to showcase the classic tale of Charlotte’s Web. This is a story about a young girl and a spider trying to save their friend Wilbur the pig from being slaughtered. Will he be saved? Will he face his fate? You are sure to find out if you come and see this spectacular play. I interviewed Sam Ruby, the boy who is playing Avery Fern’s younger brother, (Avery Fern is one of the main characters of this story) and he said, “The play should be a fun and interesting experience for both people who have and haven’t seen it before and also it would be a great family activity.” I don’t know about you, but I sure am interested in seeing it. A student named Nicole Swanson who was also interested in the play said,” I would enjoy seeing this play again after such a long time, and I’m excited to be able to support my friends in the play Thursday night.” If you would enjoy seeing this classic tale, and if you would like to learn more about whether or not Wilbur survives the play come out on either Thursday and Saturday to enjoy the play in the Lincoln-Way East auditorium.

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