A Girl’s Guide to Homecoming

Julia Esparza, Staff Reporter

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Dress shopping often begins about a month before homecoming. Finding the prefect dress often entails multiple stores and multiple days. There is extensive research on what type of dress, what color, what fabric, etc. Every girl has her own unique sense of what she wants. Many popular destinations for dress shopping are Pink Slip Boutique, Bliss Boutique, or That Girl Boutique.

After the dress or the foundation has been set, girls begin to find the accessories: shoes, necklace earrings, and so on. It’s important to find that medium between too much and not enough. Often, if a girl’s dress is more ornate or has a dominating pattern or feature, she opts for more simple accessories while if the dress is simple, she will seek a statement necklace or ornate earrings. This expedition often takes place two to three weeks in advance of the dance.

After the physical look is complete, girls start to get a feel for their hair and make-up. Likewise with the accessory stage, the hair stage has guidelines that most girls finds useful. If her dress is strapless, she will often opt for a hair down option; if it has sleeves or an interesting back, she will often go with an up-do of sorts. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. If a girl plans to get her hair done, she must often schedule an appointment at least three weeks in advance. Hairdressers only have so many slots available in one day.

About a week before the dance, girls begin to take care of the nitty gritty details. She may go get her nails done in a color that compliments her dress. She also confirms plans including picture location and time. It’s always smart to leave extra room in the schedule for mishaps.

The day of Homecoming, a girl wakes up hopefully with a good night’s rest under her belt and heads out to get ready. She goes to get her hair done, checks in with friends, and makes sure everything is in order. It may seem frivolous at times to commit so much time to one night, but a Lincoln-Way East homecoming dance is something a girl can only experience four times in her life. A girl gets to dress up and feel unstoppable even for just one day. Every girl should enjoy these times while they last and look forward to the new memories homecoming always creates.


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