Both Sides of the Coin

Julia Esparza, Staff Reporter

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The Iran Deal has proven to be a big-ticket item in Congress and one of the most controversial international plans. Many countries have a stake in Iran’s ability to produce nuclear energy or rather its inability to do so.

The Iran Nuclear Deal says that the U.S. and other world powers like the U.K., Russia, and France will lift heavy sanctions that crippled the Iranian economy and consequently further destabilized the country. Basically the bad only got worse until The Deal. According to The Deal, the Iranian economy will be able to revitalize and hopefully return to its former “glory,” but first it must agree to several rules.

Iran must curb the mining of uranium and plutonium- essential elements in creating an atomic bomb. It has also agreed to remake the machines used in the creation of bomb parts. Additionally Iran must allow for the International Atomic Energy Commission to oversee and check up on Iran’s “friendly nuclear energy production.”

The Deal sounds nice and dandy except for the lack of confidence from the countries surrounding Iran and almost all the Republicans. Countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia remain wary of their long-time foe. Iran is jealous of Israel’s land and says that the land belongs to them and they want it back. Saudi Arabia doesn’t trust Iran because the Ayatollah (Iran’s supreme leader) has threatened many other Arab countries.

Domestically, President Obama believes the plan can fend off another middle-eastern war. He doesn’t want to make the same mistakes as former President Bush. But, the Republicans and even some Democrats are taking a page from Saudi Arabia’s book. They think that the deal will only safeguard Iran and allow them to continue their nuclear research.

But on September 2nd President Obama garnered enough votes in Congress to push the deal through. It’s not Facebook official yet but regardless the status of the deal, President Obama is hoping Iran sticks to its word and all turns out peachy. But we will see in the coming months.


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