A guy’s take on fashion

Haley Calderon, Staff Reporter

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Originally, I had sought to create an article about all the fashion trends girls did that guys in our school didn’t necessarily like. After listing all the things that made guys go “belch!” I was going to wrap it up by saying that no girl or guy in their right mind should feel like they are required to care what a guy, or anyone really, thinks about how they dress or present themselves and to just “do you”. While I still fully believe that people should be themselves, I went out and tried to figure out what fashion trends guys disapproved of. I was honestly surprised.

No guy, not one guy that I asked, had anything to say on the issue of fashion for girls. The ones who did come up with things only came up with them after a long duration of time and the worst that I heard of was something like how a specific guy didn’t necessarily care for fishnet after a fellow female classmate overheard me ask him what he didn’t like and voiced her opinion. Since seeing articles online about all the fashion trends that put off guys that girls wear, I was near certain that this would be a promising article and easy to write. As seen, that was not the case.

In (almost) every typical high school movie centered on a female, there is always that one girl that she mutually hates. You know the one I’m talking about: tall, skinny, popular, looks to kill, with a posse of equally mean girls right on her heel, waiting to spit venom at the next unlucky victim. These movies are ever popular with a great example being the movie “Mean Girls” which grossed over 24 million dollars opening weekend. For anyone who has not seen Means Girls, it’s a story that revolves around a teenage girl who makes her way up high school’s own social latter and deals with the type of girls I had just described.

Now I’m not a fan of generalizing but a lot of girls have probably said something mean or even disgusting about another girl, I know I have. The only person who immediately had something to say when I asked if they didn’t like something some girls do was a female. While I understand that I may just not have been asking the right guys and that they don’t accurately portray all males in Lincoln-Way East, just stop being rude to one another. Really. This sort of issue includes not only females, but all genders alike.

If someone has something on that you in your opinion wouldn’t wear, or does something in reason that you wouldn’t do and you think something like, Wow I would so not do that, that’s great! In America we are allowed to have freedom of speech but it becomes a problem when you use your opinion to try to tell someone else what to do or criticize them because it’s not to your liking. And although you personally may not be able to stop people who say things like this, you can still do something to counteract it.

First and foremost, don’t call people names. Now I know I sound like a first grade teacher but it’s true, just don’t be that person who does that, it’s not kind and it’s honestly unnecessary, okay?

If you see someone who dressed nice, tell them they look good. If someone creates something or does something that seems like it could be important to them, compliment their work and tell them it’s awesome. And please, if someone tells you something that they are excited about, try to be excited or act the part if you don’t care that much because little acts of kindness actually do go a long way for some people. Everyone in high school is dealing with something be it a breakup, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, bad grades, or an entire array of other possible situations with all sorts of possible outcomes. The last thing anyone needs is someone who feels like they’re entitled to add more stress on to them.

Some people could really use a compliment every now and then and it doesn’t cost you anything, so why not do it?


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