Boko Haram

Haley Calderon, Staff Reporter

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Recently in Baga, Nigeria, over 2000 Nigerian citizens were slaughtered in their own towns, and this caused a horrific and devastating effect on the people residing there. It seems that something of this magnitude would be well-known here in the United States but when asked if he knew what is occurring right now in Nigeria, freshman Jack Twohig answered, “No, I had no clue that anything big was happening. When was this?”

It seems that something of this magnitude should be more conversed about, yet with the recent disturbing events in France one could see how news such as this may be less talked about. Nonetheless, it is still a topic that I believe should be discussed more.

The group responsible for these heinous attacks is called the Boko Haram, and they are Nigeria’s largest Islamic group. Like many groups that use certain interpretations of various religions, they started out with good intentions and then gradually fell into a state of malevolence under a new leader. With Nigeria holding elections very soon, the people of Nigeria are anticipating more attacks.

The scene that unraveled in Baga was one of pure destruction. Bodies littered the brush, and the body count reached somewhere around 2000 civilians. Most are calling this certain attack Nigeria’s deadliest massacre connected with Boko Haram. In fact, last year the body count of all these attacks combined reached approximately 10,000 civilians. Aside from burning down villages and murdering thousands of civilians, the Boko Haram is responsible for the abduction of many local schoolgirls last April. It is times like these in which people tend to lose faith and give up. But some girls who managed to escape the Boko Haram have decided to go against that and in a way take matters into their own hands.

In Chiobok, Nigeria, some of the female escapees have decided to go to college. To an average American high school student that seems like a reasonable thing, after all if tends to be on our minds a lot. But what makes it truly rebellious is that the Boko Haram, like many places in the world, has said that women cannot go to school. The American University of Nigeria has agreed to enroll these young women so that they can in fact get an education with the help of this charity.

As the threat of Boko Haram rages on, the people in Nigeria are both trying to cope and survive. Some, such as the girls, are trying to overcome. We can only hope that this monstrosity comes to an end, and soon because no ordinary person deserves to die and all women should be able to get an education just as men are.

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