Turn About

Allison Goldsmith, Staff Reporter

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February is here. With a month dedicated to love, it only seems appropriate to have a school dance. “Turn About” is a common high school festivity that revolves around reversed gender roles. Now the pressure is on the girls to choose someone to ask to a dance, different from every other event ever. This shift in expectations generally makes the boys very happy. Senior Tyler Burk enjoys this change. “It’s like having a weight lifted off your shoulders to not be the one asking. No matter how certain you are that the person will say yes, there’s always that underlying feeling of self doubt.” Freshman Colin Brady agrees, “When the girls ask, you don’t have to plan something ‘cute’. That’s nice.”

Date or not, Turn About is an experience. Just like Homecoming, this week is filled with themed dress-up days and musical passing periods. This year’s themes are as followed: Green Day, Pajama Day, Beach Day, Lumber Jack Day, and, obviously, Black and Blue Friday. Choosing the music for each day is no easy task. Student Council Executive Board member, Abby Oliveri, explains, “The exec board is split into groups and each is assigned a different day. We try to find music that goes along with the spirit of that day.” Many students actually think that the music during the passing is better than the dance itself! It’s not uncommon to see someone dancing and singing in the hallway between classes.  With so much fun and excitement during the week, it’s almost hard to believe that Turn About is sparsely attended compared to Homecoming. Even though the attendance rate is lower, with the right friends, February 7th will be a very fun night!

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