Orchesis: An Original and Creative Club

Michaela Mitchell, Staff Reporter

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“I joined Orchesis because I love to dance.” –Emilee Caldwell, sophomore at Lincoln-Way East high school. Caldwell’s love for dance and passion for choreography encompass the over-reaching values of Orchesis and are the reason it has been so successful. Orchesis is a unique club that allows students of all dancing backgrounds to express themselves and take on leadership roles through all different styles of dance. One of the largest clubs at East, Orchesis has over seventy members, with twenty-five to fifty student choreographers. These student choreographers design, teach, and then perform the dance with the other girls. They also help organize costumes and lighting, but Mrs. Julie Widinski (the advisor for Orchesis) finalizes all decisions. Widinski discusses this unique dynamic and says, “One of the different things about Orchesis [in comparison to other LWE organizations] is the leadership roles the students take on. We really offer opportunities to develop choreographing and teaching skills.” Caldwell likes this aspect of Orchesis as well and says, “I like that it gives me a creative outlet and a chance to choreograph, which is something I couldn’t do in a lot of other organizations.” The girls showed off their skill this past weekend in their main showcase, ending their dance season for this year. Going into the performance, Windinski said, “This should be one of our best shows, for the last two weeks the girls drilled the dances and we had several stage dress rehearsals.” The girls certainly owned the stage, having a great time and building leadership and dancing skills they demonstrated the main aspect of Orchesis: the love of dance.

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