When we grow up

Julia Esparza, Editor in chief

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You are growing up now. You began growing up the second you were born. You will group up until the day you die. We grow every second of our lives, but not in the physical sense but in the emotional and moral sense. Growing up means finding who we are, realizing who we are not, and understanding how and why everything else works. It is important to remember this message in high school.

There is an unexplainable amount of pressure on high school students to figure out their life. We were asked when we were little, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ Now we are being asked, ‘What do you plan on majoring in in college?’ It is understandable for adults to question us on our motives for life because it comes from a good place. We all do eventually need to figure out what we want to do. But, as we contemplate our future, there is one singular fact we must always hold dear. You can change at any time. You can change careers, you can change your outlook, you can change yourself in every perceivable way to accommodate what you think is the best version of yourself. “I have no idea,” responds junior Renee Liden when asked what her plans are for college. Being unsure of the field you wish to study is okay entering college.

It is important, as we venture through our final levels of intermediate education, to think ahead. Don’t think of what you want to major in, but think of who you want to be. What kind of legacy do you want to leave in this world?

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