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Passing Period Problems

A peaceful hallway at East before the passing period is about to begin.

A peaceful hallway at East before the passing period is about to begin.

Jaysen Lao

Jaysen Lao

A peaceful hallway at East before the passing period is about to begin.

Allison Goldsmith, Staff Reporter

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The passing period. This is a time that is short and relatively insignificant during these six hours,which can make or break your day. Now, I understand and appreciate that that we all have our different mannerisms. With that being said, I think as a student body we can agree that there are some situations that could be done away with. These seem to be the top annoyances in the halls:

  • Stopping in the middle of the hallway to talk to friends: Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy that you have friends, but I would rather not have to dodge spontaneously forming obstacles during my stroll. Sophomore, Cailin Merck, agrees, “It’s really annoying when you’re trying to get to class on time, and there’s a group of people just standing in front of you.”
  • Exaggerated hand gestures: I fully understand the need for emphasis, but please try to keep it within the width of your body. I don’t appreciate being clotheslined in the face on my way to English.
  • Sprinting through a crowded hallway: Running through a crowded hallway is the school equivalent of trying to cut cars off in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Not a single student is walking through a sea of people having the time of their life, so try to be a little considerate.
  • Shoving: This one comes in two parts. 1) Do not shove people out of your way at an intersection, especially the Math/English one. That is a really stressful situation for everyone so let’s just work together, and the whole process will go much smoother. 2) PLEASE stop jokingly shoving your friends around and into other people. “When someone is pushed into you, it just messes up your day,” junior Regan Sandburg and junior Mia DeTella laughed.

These are obviously not the only disturbances. In fact I could go on for about an hour, but this may have covered the main ones. Now if we could all be a little more considerate during those beautiful six minutes in between periods, the mood of each individual at this school could be lifted exponentially.

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Passing Period Problems